Van der Wielen

About My Family

Posted on august, 2009 by Peter

Not that there is much to say about my family, but some things are useful to know. My family consists of 4 persons, father, mother and 2 children. We live in a quit neighbourhood in Veldhoven, a small town under the smoke from Eindhoven (Netherlands) well known from Philips and PSV (soccer) Under the tab "Familie Leden" you can klick on each name and find out what we like you to know about us.
Note: that section contains Dutch language.

Have fun with it :)


The meaning of this site?

I don't know what the meaning is of this site! The actual reason was too let other people see my photo's, but to keep my family not behind this part is about them.

Heading Level 3

We like to spend our vacation on a small camping in the north-east of France in a small town called Varennes en Argonne. It lies between Reims and Verdun. In that area have been fought great battles in the first war, 1914-1918. A lot of memorials can been seen in the neigbourhood.

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