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About me

Posted on june, 2009 by peter

Not that there is also much to say about me, but some things are useful to know. I was born on 21 July 1963 in Eindhoven. I grew up in Gestel. After finishing my schools, if first tried to join "The Army". But they found out that my back wasn't good enough for the army, so I was send on a great vacation. After a while I found a job at a small electro technical company, where I worked for almost 2 years. The company stopped because the boss was to old to work anymore and there was nobody to take over the company. After some monds I've found another job, again with a small electro technical company in Veldhoven, here I worked for 1.5 years at a partime base. Searching for a new job, a friend helped getting me to work at Philips Electron Optics in Eindhoven. Here I still work, although nowerdays it's called FEI Company.

My interests

This list shows where I a interested in:

I am also one of the many volunteers at the Metal/Rock club @ Dynamo in Eindhoven. Helping as a Bartender, Photographer and shortly as DJ.